G I L L I A N  W I L K I N S

Formerly Fashion Director at Elle UK and Russh Magazine, and a contributor to a number of International Vogue’s, Gillian has over a decade experience within the fashion industry, consulting for leading luxury brands, styling shows, ad campaigns and editorial.

Stepping away from conventionality, Gillian is an independent Creative, providing a modern and personalised service and consultancy for Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle brands who wish to define who they are, conceptualise their brand experience and share their story in meaningful ways.

Beginning with a brand’s core values; emotional associations and visual experiences are approached through language and visual storytelling, elevating a brand’s purpose, personality, narrative, positioning and tone of voice. Gillian’s expertise in Creative Direction, Styling, Photography, Editorial Content and Writing come together as a holistic offering with vision, energetics and purpose.

Portfolio and collaboration enquiries visit www.thisistakeaway.com || @thisistakeaway_

In 2020, Gillian partnered with Fashion Creative and Stylist Raquel Franco and STIU Collective was launched. Together the duo combine their skills, fusing a sophisticated level of experience, taste and a humbled desire for paving new pathways towards consumerism with purpose.

Obsolote Valldemossa is home to their annually curated pop-up store, an initiative motivated by upcyling, deadstock and items ready to go on sale while also providing a platform for local artists on the island of Mallorca. Partnering with brands that offer substance, style and whose values support ethical and environmental responsibility, as well as collaborating with Artisans who’s works express a sentimentality for artistry and craftsmanship centered around unique narratives, along with social and environmental responsibilities at the forefront of their practices.

STIU Collective will continue to curate modern retail experiences ranging from pop up’s to contemporary installations in collaboration with ethically minded brands, local artisans and artists.

Visit @stiucollective for more information and updates

Currently, Gillian’s primary focus is on the Healing Arts, launching Sohu-m Space during 2021.

Fiercely devoted to the profound journey that is healing and liberation of the Self as well as the Collective, Gillian practices the Healing Arts within the modalities of Yoga, Biodynamic Energy Healing and soon to come, Five Element Acupuncture which she is currently studying.

Her work is rooted in deep authenticity and embodied healing integrating body, mind and spirit intelligence.

“What we do on a personal level resonates on a collective level. To transform, elevate and consciously create is the most important thing we can do for ourselves, each other and the planet. The healing process facilitates a personal exploration into the portals of the energy body; the subtle realms both within and without, facilitating a profound connection with intuition, creativity, vision and purpose”.

We are energy beings, let’s raise our vibration.

“The interior life is a real life, and the intangible dreams of people have a tangible effect on the world” James Baldwin

Sohu-m is a healing space dedicated to Biodynamic Energy Medicine & Sacred self-care immersed in movement, touch, sound, creativity and nature.
For more information visit @sohum_space || www.sohu-m.space/